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Why I’m Running for Mayor

by David Ciampi


Springfield can be a great city for all if we are determined to make it so.

But we cannot get there when 25% of our neighbors live in poverty, when we rank almost dead last in per capita income, where thousands in need of mental health services go without, where effective drug treatment and rehab centers are too few.

Government can and should play a role in lifting people up, the homeless whose fondest dream is a warm bed they can call their own, the jobless who want to work, the underemployed who daily toil to make ends meet, the indigent and infirm who find health and happiness a distant stranger.

It will take a mayor who wants it to happen to make it happen. I do.

Dr. David Ciampi


Expand Mental and Emotional Health Services

After years of treating residents of Springfield as a social scientist and psychotherapist, I can say without hesitation that we have a mental and emotional health crisis in our city.

Create Drug Treatment Programs that Work

As opioids flooded Western Massachusetts late in the last decade, few cities suffered more than Springfield. According to The Addiction Center, recent

Strengthen our Small Businesses

The best social program ever invented is a good job that pays a good wage. The engines of growth in our economy are small businesses, the mom-and-pop stores,

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